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Denise Neustadt

Head of Development | Producer

Denise Neustadt

Head of Development | Producer

Denise Neustadt

Head of Development | Producer

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NAWI PRO Ltd. is a production house based in Tel Aviv Israel, focused on the creation and production of original content for the local and international market. Together with our carefully built network of creatives, we develop and produce film and serial projects, documentary, fictional and entertainment formats across various genres and platforms.

Our co-operations include all Israeli broadcasting stations and film funds as well as international partners.

We provide full production services for corporate productions of multifaceted kinds including research, locations, fully equipped shooting crews and post production services. May it be movies, series, documentary, news, commercial, business videos - we provide services both for customers and projects from abroad coming to Israel and surroundings - and for Israeli companies planning to shoot abroad such as in the Palestinian Authority, Europe, Eastern Europe, USA, Brazil, Costa Rica and Bolivia. 

Whether you’d like us to come on board as a co-producer or a service producer, we’ll be glad to build the right frame for your project with you.

Among the major projects we took part in are "Homeland" (Israeli part), DIG (pilot episode) as well as a pilot episode in Los Angeles for an American-Israeli series called "America".

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Asaf Nawi 

CEO | Producer


Kobi Ozinci

Executive Producer

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Roni Gaber Nawi

Vice President | Producer


Denise Neustadt

Head Of Development & International Producer


Anne Marinkovits

Production Office Coordinator

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