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Lot meaning: - fate, luck, shrouded in the fog, covered, unclear, drunk, to escape, a large sum, Lot the righteous from Sodom (The story of the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah as told in Genesis, Bible), a polish airline company.
Ari Lotan, an Israeli assassin on his way to retire, reluctantly undertakes a final hit job discovering too late that the target was a senior ranking gangster in the East European organized crime underworld. A modern and authentic story based on and echoing a symbolic biblical story that depicts human behavior in an apocalyptic reality and discusses the basic and relative questions of morality, with a mix of psychological realism, genre play with cross-cultural combinations of mythology and modern-day characters.

The series will feature an intimate gaze at scary characters from the edges of society and world of crime with a look at the dramatic interplay between two sisters who were abandoned by their father at an early age and their relationship with their mother. A look at the unsuspected interplay between the Bedouin and Russian crime worlds, in the wilderness and harsh desert conditions of southern Israel, between provisional tents, nomadic tin huts and sheep herds to the nouveau riche



Duration: 45 min. per episode
(8 episodes) 

Genre: Suspense, Drama

Language: Hebrew

Creator: Ran Slavin

Producer: Asaf Nawi

Nawi Pro 

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