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A young man who sells Malabi in the port of Tel Aviv while studying psychology at the University, falls in love with a Brazilian woman almost twice his age and decides to follow her to her homeland. In Brazil, he meets his Mythological Ex-girlfriend from Israel.

Besides all of this, the young man is also trying to import the Malabi business to Brazil.



Genre: Comedy 

Language: Hebrew
1 Season, 10 Episodes

Creator: Miki Geva 

Director: Ben Bachar

Screenwriters: Miki Geva, Shani Fisher, Gal Zaid

Photographer: Shay Peleg

Editors: Gal Zaid, Yigal Tel, Shimrit Ronen

Producers: Udi Segal, Amit Gittelson, Shlomit Arbiv, Inbal Levy

Executive Producer: Asaf Nawi

Channel 10 Broadcasting

Sumayoko Productions

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