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Participated at 2022 MIA MARKET festival.

A dramatic crime comedy following Maria and Red, two hilariously broke high-school sweethearts in their 40s, who’s relationship is in danger of falling apart after years of unsuccessful pregnancies. The show follows the lengths to which they'd go in their quest for a child, especially after their eastern-European surrogate host gets pregnant and disappears into the Georgian underworld. Maria, a musician in the police force, and Red, a postal employee, muster up all their courage to go head-to-head with the Georgian mafia, in a race against time to save their baby. A 9-episode crime series, with each episode following one month of this twisted pregnancy taken hostage. 



Duration: 8 x 45

Genre: Drama, Crime-Comedy

Language: Hebrew

Creator: Karen Hochma

Producer: Asaf Nawi

Yes Broadcasting

Nawi Pro 

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