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An Israeli Stand Up Comedy Panel Show hosted by Erez Tal and the best stand-up comedians of Israel. The program is built around a humorist-satirical panel concept and at its center is host Erez Tal, the "responsible adult", designed to balance and contrast with the wild behavior of the panel members. During the show the panel members joke about Dumas affairs, laugh at each other and about other TV shows as well as participate in games (sometimes with the audience involved). Each episode hosts famous guests who take part in games and jokes.




Genre: Stand Up Comedy Panel Show

Language: Hebrew
Season 7, 15 episodes. 

Creators: Ran Telem , Erez Tel

Writers: Eric Zilberman, Lior Kfir Rafael, Assaf Geffen, Shahar Segal, Assaf Yitzhaki, Remy Deborah, Ohad Scheffler, Benny Bashan, Liron Thani, Avi Belkin, Manny Asaig

Directors: Saturn Kaminer, Amir Ukrainitz

Producer Season 7: Asaf Nawi
Panel : Erez Tal, Tal Friedman, Ofer Shechter, Avi Nussbaum, Israel Katorza, Ori Hizkiah, Hadar Levi, Maya Dagan.

Keshet Broadcasting 

Nawi Pro 

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