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An Israeli comedy TV series that brings the lives and relationships of three sisters who are described as unsuccessful, after their parents left for a long voyage around the world.

The eldest, Orit, is a high school teacher. She is having a lesbian relationship, which she keeps a secret from her parents. The middle sister is Natalie, who is unable to find a job and does not know what she wants to do later in life. The little sister, Mor, is a disgruntled soldier, suffering from the harassment by her childhood commander in the IDF, and she’s in love with Ben Gigi, the most handsome soldier in the battalion.



Genre: Comedy

Language: Hebrew
3 Seasons, 36 Episodes. 

Writer: Galit Hugi & Noa Arenberg

Director: Guri Alfi Aharon

Producers: Tamira Yardeni and Limor Abekasis

Photographer: Roy Gluska

Season 1 Line Producer: Asaf Nawi

Season 2-3 Executive Producer: Asaf Nawi

Tedy Productions

YES Broadcasting

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