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"ONE MORE STORY" is a witty and funny romantic comedy that not only deals with the classic and old "Meet a Girl" issue, but asks difficult questions about love, its place and its traditional role that has disappeared in the 21st century.

The film tells the story of Jordan, deputy editor of a well-known newspaper. She needs to publish an amazing article about relationships in order to publish her book.

To get what she wants, she turns her good friend Adam, who is desperate to get married, into the center of the project.



Duration: 90 min.

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Language: Hebrew

Creators: Omer Barak, Guri Alfi, Galit Hugi, Noa Arenberg, Dror Weidman 
Director: Guri Alfi 

Photographer: Roi Gluska

Editor-in-Chief: Dan Messer

Producer: Asaf Nawi, Guri Alfi , Moshe Edri, Leon Edri, Ofer Naim

United King Films 

Nawi Pro 

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